You can't imagine how exciting it is to see a product come to life! A few days ago we tested our Warenhuisje prototype with the kids of our dear friend and collaborator Esther. Hosted by Esther around her kitchen table the setting was perfect. Read about how we prepped for the session and what we learned from the experience.

10 September 2017 /// Rieta Aliredjo

Joining Warenhuisje is like playing a game

Although we had added an on-boarding wizard to the prototype, we felt the testing experience needed something extra to make it more fun and engaging. Also the process would go more swiftly if the kids and parents could prepare themselves, for instance by selecting the stuff they wanted to trade beforehand. This brought us to the creation of our very own Warenhuisje (on)board(ing) game. Next to assisting with the on-boarding process, the material developed also lets us explain the full process of the exchange, which partially (still) happens offline. Finally we realised this material could also help us scale later on. We aimed to develop it in a way for parents or teachers to easily familiarise themselves with it to act as facilitators, without requiring our physical presence. The board game worked like a charm! Once we laid out the print-out on the table, the kids started searching for little figurines to mark their progress. It motivated them to go to the next steps.

Fuel to our engine: Feedback

The testing session was a fun learning experience for all of us! It was great seeing most of the functionality run smoothly, including the trading module for the goods-for-goods negotiations. Of course there was also constructive feedback and we welcomed it as fuel to our engine. There were some bugs in relation to the iPad UX and we also got some pointers to make our board game more clear. 

The most important conclusion: the prototype is good enough to use and test further with kids and their families. If you like to help us, let us know
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