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Now it’s official: big smiles and a lot of work ahead! On the 17th of July we registered our partnership at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce: sCoolMakers v.o.f. A huge step for our partnership, and we want to share it with all of you. Read about how we met, what's behind the name of sCoolMakers and how we want to shape our journey together.

20 juli 2017 /// Rieta Aliredjo

How our paths crossed

Thinking back about our first conversations while 2016 ended and a new year started, it’s hard to bring back every details but easy to remember the feelings and the first and lasting impressions. We had long, flowing and productive conversations. I met someone who didn’t hold back and generously shared her ideas, advice and expertise to help develop the first prototype of Warenhuisje. Agustina, this vibrant, smart and hard working latina, was just as committed as I was to get the job done, even when this meant we had to allocate all of the very small budget we had to pay for a developer. Most importantly we both felt passionate about empowering kids to create impact in the transition towards a new and circular economy.   

After working closely together on building the first working prototype of Warenhuisje, it felt natural and logical to continue the journey together. Our collaboration is now official! On the 17th of July we registered our partnership: sCoolMakers!

Warenhuisje as part of sCoolMakers

So why sCoolMakers and not Warenhuisje? Although we strongly believe in the power of local action, working towards a new circular economy is a global effort. We only have one planet where all systems are interconnected. We both have an international outlook and consider ourselves world citizens. Agustina has Spanish/Italian roots, was born in Argentina and now lives in Amsterdam. My roots lie in Indonesia, I was born in Suriname and the Netherlands is my home. This may explain why we feel comfortable positioning sCoolMakers as a global idea that starts locally.

We want to co-create a global brand ‘sCoolMakers’, that can be applied at a local level by purpose driven social entrepreneurs. We are figuring out how this can be done in the Netherlands with the brand: ‘Warenhuisje’ and hope to inspire others to explore opportunities for the sCoolMakers experience in their respective local markets.

The process of branding our joined venture was also an important phase in the development of the concept. sCoolMakers is very meaningful to us and we hope it will touch your hearts as well. The “s” represents many things that are part of the experience: shop, space, sustainable, superhero’s, smart .. We liked that Cool has the double o in the middle, resembling the lemniscate shape that is often used to portray circular consumption and production and we love it even more that in our visual identity it shows the arms and hands that play, create, share and exchange for change. Finally we settled on the word Makers because we want to create communities of kids and their families that also connect offline and learn how to be practical and take action for positive ecological impact. 

Learning by doing

Being experienced independent professionals definitely helped us embark on this journey. We truly trust our idea and have faith in its potential. We also realise that building the vision we have for sCoolMakers is a long journey with many uncertainties. sCoolMakers is our first real start-up, which challenges us creatively and intellectually. We are determined to face the challenges ahead with curiosity, vulnerability and courage. Much like the learning journey we want to develop for kids we practice what we preach and learn by doing. 

Join us in co-creating the first circular marketplace learning experience with and for kids!


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