Kick Off IJburg Group

KiCK Off IJBURG Group You can’t imagine how exciting it is to see a product come to life! A few days ago we tested our Warenhuisje prototype with the kids of our dear friend and collaborator Esther. Hosted by Esther around her kitchen table the setting was perfect. Read about how we prepped for the … Read more

Plastic Toys: fun for a bit and then it gets old Plastic Toys: Fun for a bit and then it gets old We decided to participate in an OPENIDEO challenge: how might we get products to people without generating plastic waste? With sCoolMakers kids can extend the lifecycle of otherwise non-recyclable plastic toys, reuse more and reduce demand for plastic. The market for toys is … Read more

Warenhuisje Prototype

Warenhuisje Prototypy We are very proud to have a working prototype of Warenhuisje: our sCoolMakers experience for the Dutch market. We finished a first version of the prototype in March and got the opportunity to add some more distinguishing features in a second version that was finalised by June. This prototype is ready for testing … Read more

Hello sCoolMakers!

Hello sCoolmakers! Now it’s official: big smiles and a lot of work ahead! On the 17th of July we registered our partnership at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce: sCoolMakers v.o.f. A huge step for our partnership, and we want to share it with all of you. Read about how we met, what’s behind the name … Read more